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Raizi’s journey to 2022 marmo mac stone show in Verona, Italy has come to an end last month. It was a great success for us, with all the samples we brought there being sold out and our brand name propagated to the wider world. We mainly focused on promoting among professional customers attending the show one of our best-sellers, Grabo lineups, which includes several electric suction cup and their supplement accessories. Judging by the popularity they gained on the show, these tools are definitely worth your attention, and I will show you why in this essay.raizi-and-its-grabo-line-ups

Our company( raizi too co., LTD) has been authorized to sell grabo products a year before and just renewed the authorization letter recently; having been in great cooperative relationship with the brand, we also hope to continue such robust cooperation and friendship as long as we live.

Speaking of the brand grabo, professionals who have long engaged in the stone fabrication sector must be familiar with it. This company is famous for its wonderful lifting tool, grabo electric suction cup, which is designed to increase working efficiency and save time and energy in the process of ston e fabrication. Since there exist numerous essays about this kind of tool, it may not be necessary for me to compliment more about it; but just in case our readers are green hands, I will give a short and quick introduction anyway.

Grabo electric suction cups vary pretty much in configuration, and by far there have been developed several versions of different functions and sizes. The tool is used to lift heavy stone slabs, with the cup gripping firmly onto the surface to avoid dropping accidents. Press the button and you can easily put it to work, and you can restart it whenever it drops below the safety minimum by monitoring the air pressure level via its gauge. If you find that a bother, there is also an advanced version that can automatically start and stop to spare your manual work.

For such an excellent tool, we also developed several accessories to enhance its function and  extend its usage.

  1. Cup seal:  

Cup seal is kind of a complementing accessory that can be attached to the suction cup to fit in different circumstances. For example, when the stone you need to lift has a larger size than your cup, you can use a slender seal which can enlarge the reach of your cup and strengthen the grip on your stone surface to avoid the risk of dropping;apart from that, such seal is also suitable for materials with a long narrow side, too. We also have an extra thick seal for lifting heavy stone slabs with an extremely rough surface.grabo-cup-seal

  1. Carry handle

The handle and the suction cup in combination aim to save your energy. With this tool, you can lift various heavy stone slabs without repeatedly bending over and getting up, thus reducing the possibility of hurting your waist. The tool is also easy to attach as well as remove, and foolproof enough even for a kid.grabo-carry-handle

The handle can be firmly attached to Grabo lifter by 4 standard metal anchoring points, and has a foot switch that allows getting rid of slabs anytime when stepped down. The two bars are made of aluminum, ensuring its quality and lifetime while not adding up extra weight. The maximum lifting weight can reach 170 kg.

  1. Seam setter holder

Seam setter, as I introduced in another essay, is a device used to join two separate stone slabs together in one piece. In this regard, we use grabo suction cup to replace the original rubber cup, so the grip of the setter as well as its general performance is enhanced. And the holder is specially designed for grabo to make such a device; to suit different versions of the cup, the holder is also made adjustable in size. The maximum lifting weight is decided by the cups you apply.  grabo-seam-setter-holder

  1. Large format tile handling lifting holder tool system

This kind of tool is meant to apply grabo’s powerful grip to large format lifting and carrying systems. Comprised of several suction cups and adjustable rails, such a system is used to carry and transport big format tiles safely and efficiently, and the application of the grabo suction cup facilitates it by reinforcing its grip and increasing its stability and balance.grabo-Large format-tile-handling-lifting-holder-tool-system

OK, so much for the grabo lineup! These products have gained great amount of attraction, and believe me, they really deserve this popularity. Hope this essay can be of your help.

Raizi tool: good tool, easy work

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