Transport and storage tool

Transport and storage tool

As we all know, during the process of stone fabrication, there is one important step before everything: stone transport and storage. After purchasing certain kinds of stone materials, you need to place them somewhere you do the fabrication work to be dealt with, or where they can be kept safe and intact to store. Today, I will show you some representative tools and systems for transporting and storing stone materials like large-format stone slabs.

There is a wide variety of tools included in such kind: lifting clamp(rubber-backed clamp or scissor clamp), stone rack( transport rack or storage rack), tilt fork lifter boom, wheeled transport trolley, transport cart, portable ramps, etc. Either for lifter machines or for manual usage, such tools are all made to improve working efficiency and save workers’ energy and time. Having mentioned some of them in other essays, I will focus on the ones that haven't been introduced before, and try to this essay as informative as possible.

For the part of transport, wheeled trolley and cart, portable ramp, transport rack, and fork lifter boom will be incorporated; for the storage part, stone slab work table and storage rack will be exhibited. Some handling tools will also be introduced in this essay as explanations if necessary.

Transport tool:

  1. Forklift telescopic boom

This tool is designed to be used on a forklift truck or a crane, with which you can easily unload or transport heavyweight materials wherever you want. With the adjustable length, it expands the working range from 2.0 meters to 3.3 meters in diameter; by locking screws and tying straps, working security can also be ensured. Apart from the flat type, we also have a tilt boom available in our inventory that is more flexible with an adjustable range from 0 to 15 degrees. Such tools are capable of lifting up to 3000 kg loads and are more suitable for large factories or work fields.Forklift-telescopic-boom

  1. Portable aluminum ramps

Ramps are another good solution in the unloading process. With the help of this tool, you don’t need to carry the heavy weight loads down to the ground with your bare hands, which can risk both your knees and waist and drain all your energy, all you have to do is just slide them down slowly and give a little protection. This kind of tool is also convenient for storage, taking up small space when unfolding as a roll when not working.raizi-portable-ramp

  1. wheeled trolley & cart

A wheeled dolly is designed to move around heavyweight materials and save time and labor. The rubber pad attached on top of the fixing screw can hold the on-load material steadily while not leaving marks on or hurting its surface. And it is also light in weight and easy to assemble, reducing excessive labor consumption as much as possible.raizi-wheeled-trolley

While the dolly can load your slabs vertically, a transport cart can carry your materials more stably with a larger holding frame. When tilted to parallel to the ground, the cart is somewhat in resemblance to a work table, so that can stably carry your materials away. When a slab is too big to be loaded onto the dolly, the cart would be a better choice for transportation.
Storage tool:

  1. Storage rack

Consisting of a pair of long, steel rails, this tool is exceptionally suitable for storing stone slabs, one apart from another to prevent scratching by surface contact, or slipping down. And by setting the rail into different holes in the base of the tool during the assembly, you can easily adjust the storage room for different slabs.transport-and-storage-rack

  1. Working table

We ourselves are using this work table for product testing at our warehouse! Joined by several connecting screws, the table is of great stability with which we can easily conduct our testing activities. Also, the four tread plates can help to fix the four wheels and prevent the table from moving while we are doing work.

Plus, we also have another kind of work table that is adjustable in length for dealing with large format stone slabs. It consists of several aluminum bars and supporting legs. Not equipped with wheels, the table is not able to move around, which reduces the risk of dropping off costly materials. It is also easy to fold and convenient to store after finishing the work.raizi-working-table

OK, that’s all the content of this essay. I hope you have a general understanding of these transport and storage tools.

Raizi tool: good tool, easy work~

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