Raizi Tuck Point Diamond Saw Blade Dia 4/4.5/5/7 Inch for Natural Stones

Sale price$33.10

Size: 4"/105mm
thickness: 1/4"/6mm
  • Raizi tuck point diamond saw blade is ideal for cutting rodding grooves on all sorts of natural stone countertops with fast and efficient performance and can be used together with mortar removal diamond bits to clear or remove broken bricks and mortar; it is also a good solution to grout repair.
  • The size of the blade varies from 4"/105mm, 4.5"/115mm, 5"/125mm to 7"/180mm, and the thickness of it is 6mm; the blade arbor is 22.3mm/ 7/8"-5/8".
  • It can be used on all sorts of natural stones and can serve for both wet and dry applications.
  • The wide, segmented rims with premium hard diamond particles in an aligned array add to the aggressiveness, and the slots between also help to cool the blade in procession to elongate the duration.