Raizi 5,7 Inch Universal Angle Grinder Dust Shroud Cover Tool

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Ship from: China
Size: 5 inch (125mm)

5,7 Inch Universal Angle Grinder Dust Shroud Cover Tool

We are always looking for univeral dust shroud, especially the grinder dust shroud suitable for the angle grinder we have. Raizi dust shroud is an universal one fits on majority of main brand 4"/4.5"/5"/7"/9" angle grinders, such as Bosch, Metabo, Makita, Dewalt, Flex, Milwaukee Etc

99% of dust and larger particles were contained by the shroud and sucked into the vacuum with the Raizi Grinder Dust Shroud.


    • Size: 5 inch/125 mm, 7 inch/180 mm     
    • Bore: 42 mm/ 65 mm
    • Suction hood with clamp fitting, 4/6 pcs clamping washer thickness 1.5-5.5mm
    • Removable piece for grinding close to walls or edge(open the hinged blue cover)
    • Dust extraction guard with brush ring, removable dust brushes
    • Allows collection of harmful dust during surface grinding
    • 1 Angle grinder dust shroud
    • Accessories: 1 Spanner, 3 Wash clamps, 1 Clamping flange
    • Before you ordered, confirm the size of dust shroud parts, the dust shroud does not fit on all grinder.
    • Pay attention when choosing the grinding wheel/disc, if the disc higher than the installed shroud, it will not capture all the dust (95%)

    • Adpter/locking attachment to vac hoses was not included, maybe you need to buy one from amazon if need.

    • Most of all dust get into the shop vac for flat concrete floor, But it maybe not for a steep angle.

    Installation Instruction: