Raizi 4' 6' 8' Sink Hole Saver Edge

Sale price$150.00

Size: 1Pc 4' Bar&2Pcs Clamp

Raizi sink hole saver is designed to strengthen counter tops during lifting, transportation and installation. This sink hole saver is an ideal solution to protect countertops and backsplashes, especially fragile stone pieces. The tool features mechanical clamps that secure to stone countertop edges, so the tool does not interfere with the sink hole cutting area. 

We usually sent in two packages. The rails is one package, and the clamps is another package.

The stiffening rail is very strong, yet light-weight, and features a convenient  sliding channel for customer placement of each clamp.

The Sink Hole Saver is available in 4', 6', 8' lengths, and can be used for  a variety of applications, such as protect stone countertops while being cut on automatic CNC machine. 


  • Clamping range: 0.7" – 1 13/16" (18mm to 50mm).
  • Available in three lengths: 4’/122cm, 6’/183cm, and 8’/244cm.
Package Included:
  • 4 feet sink hole saver: 1 Pc bar and 2 Pcs edge clamps.
  • 6 feet sink hole saver: 1 bar and 3 Pcs edge clamps.
  • 8 feet sink hole saver: 1 bar and 4 Pcs edge clamps.