Raizi Self-Locking Trolley For Moving Slabs of Granite and Stone

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Self-Locking Trolley Ideal For Moving Slabs of Granite and Stone

This stone trolley is deal for moving slabs of granite, marble, and all types stone throughout the shop and work site.Pneumatic wheels make moving loads over rough ter rain easy. This is the perfect self locking dolly or trolley.Ideal for moving kitchen tops, stone, glass and other heavy work pieces onto work site. Large pneumatic wheels plus 140 mm swivel casters at front that increases stability.


Temporarily out of stock, please contact us to order the size you want. 

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  • Grips material automatically and securely. 
  • Clamping supports and base are rubber padded. 
  • 2 rubber wheels: 400 x 85 mm. (16" x 3 ¼") 
  • Loading capacity: 400 kg. (880 Lbs) 
  • Net Weight: 28 Kg
  • Length of support plate: 500 mm (20") 
  • Grip range: 0-100 mm (0-4")
  • Package Dimensions: L.540 x W.500 x H.520 mm. 
  • Gross Weight: 30 Kg