Raizi Q5 Quartzite Diamond Saw Blade with Side Protection

Sale price$34.90

Size: 5 inch / 125mm
Quantity: 1 pc

8mm Rim height

Dry Use

The Q5 quartzite saw blade boasts exceptional features designed to elevate your cutting experience. Crafted with precision, this blade is equipped with storm side protection, effectively safeguarding against edge chipping during cutting operations, thereby ensuring a pristine cutting effect.

What sets this blade apart is its remarkable compatibility with quartzite, a stone renowned for its exceptional hardness even when compared to granite. This ensures that the Q5 blade can effortlessly and precisely cut through quartzite, providing outstanding results. Additionally, its versatility extends to being a reliable choice for cutting granite as well.

Manufactured to exacting standards using Korean craft grade techniques, this saw blade stands as a testament to professional stone-cutting expertise. With the Q5 quartzite saw blade, you can expect nothing less than exceptional performance and precision in every cut. Elevate your stone-cutting endeavors with this superior tool.