Raizi New 3 Step Wet Polishing Pads

Sale price$10.85

Grit: #1

Raizi New 3 Step Wet Polishing Pads

New 3-Step wet polishing pads are made with the highest quality diamonds, which have multiple angles and a “polycrystalized” internal shape. The diamonds are easily broken during polishing to continuously expose new angles, giving longer life and very high speed to the pad.

Diamond concentration is 60% of the pad weight in the new 3-step diamond system. This is the highest diamond concentration possible with current technology. Bond strength has been increased to hold the higher diamond concentration, insuring that the diamonds are fully used in the polishing process.

In addition to reducing labor costs, the Raizi professional 3-Step diamond polishing system reduces inventory complexity and simplifies ordering. The Phoenix 3-Step diamond polishing System is designed for granite and other hard stone, and will achieve a gloss meter reading of 95-98.


  1. Size: 4 inch
  2. Grit: #1, #2, #3
  3. Thickness: 3.0 mm
  4. Usage: wet
  5. Material: diamond+resin
  6. Max rpm: 200-3000