Raizi 110/220v Mini Floor Scrubber with Battery Floor Cleaning Machine

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Voltage: 110v


1. Brush cleaning width: 430mm

2. Number of brushes: 8 inches X 2

3. Brush speed: 280~380 rpm

4. Down pressure of brush plate: 8Kg

5. Work efficiency: 1200㎡/h

6. Walking speed: 3.5km/h

7. Suction width: 450mm

8. Clean water tank capacity: 4L

9. Sewage tank capacity: 6.5L

10. Working noise: 63-68DB

11. Continuous working time: 1-1.5/h

12. Total power of brush motor: 200W (brushless) ✘2

13. Vacuum motor power: 120W (dry and wet brushless)

14. Outlet valve: 7.5W

15. Power source: 36V

Applicable Industries: Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Manufactures