Raizi High Speed Dry Diamond Core Bit for Granite Quartzite (T-segment)

Sale price$52.90

Size: 1" (25mm)
Thread: M14 Thread


• Laser welded
• Arix diamond technology
• Max. drilling: 6500-10,000 rpm.
• Dry or wet use
• 4"/100mm total length
• M14 & 5/8"-11 Thread

Raizi High-Speed dry core bit is specifically designed to effortlessly cut through granite, quartzite, and engineered stone. Equipped with strategically placed side holes, these dry core bits ensure efficient heat dissipation, keeping the bit cool and performing at its best. The diamond side protection on the hole saw enables continuous cutting throughout the drilling process. With a diverse range of sizes available, you can find the perfect fit for your fabrication needs.

Premium Quality: Manufactured in Korea, Raizi High-Speed Dry Bit sets the industry standard with its use of the highest quality diamonds. These diamonds are meticulously placed on the inside and outside of the core bit's barrel, resulting in reduced friction, lower heat generation, and minimal drag. This unique construction allows the bit to perform at higher RPMs without compromising its lifespan. T-segment embedded cutter head is safer and sharper than ordinary sintered and welded cutter head

Versatile and Compatible: The Raizi High-Speed Dry Core Bit is an ideal choice for granite and engineered stone applications. It can be seamlessly used with various tools, including drills and hand grinders. With its standard 5/8"-11 female thread and a wide range of adaptors available, this black wet bit guarantees compatibility with almost any tool in your workshop.

Adjustable Cutting Depth: The Raizi High-Speed Dry Core Bit offers an approximate cutting depth of 100mm. However, if your project requires deeper cuts, extensions and adapters can easily increase the cutting depth. This adaptability allows you to customize the core bit's performance to suit your specific project requirements.

Advantages: When it comes to premium core bits, temperature plays a crucial role. Lower temperature operation enables faster and cleaner cuts, resulting in enhanced cutting speeds. The Raizi High-Speed Dry Core bit excels in this aspect, as it can perform flawlessly on challenging materials like quartzite.

Exceptional Longevity: The lifespan of a core bit is another critical factor to consider. The Raizi High-Speed Dry Core Bit can drill an excess of 40 holes (varying based on material), and in some cases, it even exceeds this limit. This core bit is built to last, ensuring consistent and reliable performance, cut after cut.

Achieve optimal cutting efficiency with the Raizi High-Speed Dry Core Bit. Designed for granite, quartzite, and engineered stone, this core bit offers exceptional heat dissipation, premium quality diamonds, versatility, and an adjustable cutting depth. Experience faster, cleaner cuts and long-lasting performance with the Raizi High-Speed Dry Core Bit. Choose a core bit that guarantees precision and durability for all your cutting needs.