Raizi Framo™ Slab Support System With Grabo Lifter For Large Format Tile Countertop

Sale price$1,199.00

Kit: Framo™ 1850mm / 72in Extreme Duty kit

Framo™ is a versatile and innovative tool designed for the protection and handling of large format tiles and heavy-duty countertops made of stone such as granite and marble.

Framo™ seamlessly integrates with a variety of Grabo electric suction cups, including the Nemo Grabo Classic with a pressure gauge and Grabo Pro-Lifter 20. For users who have previously invested in Grabo electric suction cups, the process is streamlined as these can be directly installed onto Framo™, offering a hassle-free transition. Quick-pin connectors further simplify the assembly of Grabo electric suction cups, ensuring a swift and efficient setup.

Powered by Grabo electric suction cups, Framo™ guarantees robust adhesion even on textured surfaces of large format tiles or heavy-duty stone materials. This not only ensures stability during operation but also allows users to concentrate on intricate details, thereby elevating the overall quality of their work. With Framo™, concerns about stability become a thing of the past, providing users with a reliable and steadfast tool for their stone-handling needs.

To address the diverse needs of clients requiring lifting solutions, Framo™ features bracing links with a dedicated area equipped with suspension rope hooks. This design consideration enhances the tool's adaptability, making it suitable for a wide range of lifting applications.

For added convenience, users have the option to utilize a remote control, enabling simultaneous operation of multiple Grabo electric suction cups. This not only saves labor and effort but also allows for independent handling of large format tiles or heavy-duty stone countertops. The user-friendly remote control feature enhances efficiency on the job, ensuring a smooth and coordinated workflow.

Framo™ emerges as a cutting-edge tool that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of professionals in the stone industry. Its compatibility with Grabo electric suction cups, robust adhesion capabilities, and user-friendly features make it a must-have for anyone looking to optimize their stone-handling processes.

Raizi Framo™ slab support system can only be used with GRABOs from Nemo Power Tools(Sold Separately).