Raizi Framo™ Pro With Grabo Lifter for Large Format Tile Carrying

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Item Number: 170103


Item No. Aluminum Rail Type luminum Rail Size(L*W*H) Link (pcs) Handle(pcs)
170103 Square Tube 1850*80*40mm(6.06*0.26*0.13ft) 2 0
170104 Profile 1850*80*40mm(6.06*0.26*0.13ft) 2 4
170105 Profile with connector



2 4
170106 Profile with connector



3 4


Framo™ link Size: 600mm(1.96ft)

Raizi Framo™ Pro is a Dual Use large format tile Carry System with Grabo suction lifter. The frame design in which the surface of the aluminum profile or tube is in direct contact with the slabs surface plays a role in reinforcement. It can firmly strengthen fragile slabs, such as granite, stone, quartzite, large format tile and glass in the duration of lifting, transportation, and installation.

It’s able to transport slabs while reinforcing by handle-equipped high strength rails. Further more, it can transform into a slab carry system by opting for telescopic profile rails. It is a robust and smooth telescopic solution that prevents deformation and jamming.

It is double length of Framo™ Link. So it can hold more area on slabs surface. Powered by Grabo electric suction cups, it ensures robust adhesion on the smooth or textured surfaces.


• It works with rails like Aluminum square tubes or aluminum profiles.

• It is designed to reinforce and carry stone countertop slabs or large format tile slabs with Grabo lifters. It is a useful tool for workers in granite fabrication or tile installation.

• Powered by Grabo electric suction cups, it has a maximum vertical lifting capacity of 170 kg on smooth surface.

• Quick-Pin connectors enables the rapid assembly or disassembly within 10 seconds.

• With 600mm(1.96ft) bracing links, it ensures reliable reinforcement and transportation of large slabs {e.g., 3200X1600mm(10.49X5.24ft)}.