Raizi Electroplating Diamond Hand Wipe Pads With Handle

Sale price$87.20

Style: in set (four pieces)
  • Wonderful polishing tools for cramped corners and hard-reaching edges. They are delicate in size, with 120mm in length and 55mm in width, very handy and convenient. Each is 8mm thick and varies in grit concentrations from #60, #120, #200 to #400 as written on the color-coded backers.
  • The specially designed chamfering shape helps to manage tricky corners or edges; the electroplating technique together with the inside diamond materials also helps to improve their polishing performance during processing. And the yellow handle spares your hand from covering in polishing chippings or spilling water.
  • This product suits both wet and dry applications and is compatible with granite, marble, engineering stones, glass and concrete.