Raizi Diamond Beveling Chamfer Bit For Holes Trimming

Sale price$29.90

Style: 3/16 Inch to 1-1/2 Inch (5/8-11 USA)

Raizi diamond beveling chamfer bit can belvel or chamfer crated rough holes on glass, granite, marble, stones, ceramic and porcelain tiles. It can bring a smooth and beautifull hole finish.


  • 38mm needle diamond charmfer bit
  • 35-75mm flat diamond charmfer bit
  • Dry or wet use

The diamond beveling chamfer bit is very useful to improve aesthetic degree for the edge finishing of exposed holes.

NOTE! This is not a diamond core bit for drilling holes. It doesn’t make holes but it bevels the hole chipped or needed to be clean. You can find cleaning, precise and beautiful finish on the holes border.Use: Dry or wet use