Raizi 6 Step Wet Diamond Polishing Pads for All Stone

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Step: #1

The Raize 6 step wet diamond polishing pads are specially designed for wet work and can meet your needs for a gross and fine finish on Granite, Engineered Stone, Quartz Surface, Marble,(including hard to polish black and green), Terrazzo, Porcelain Tile, and Slab. Quality diamond powder combined with resin bond renders the system more competitive in the market with longer life. They are also flexible enough for curve polishing at any angle. But what exactly makes the system popular is its cost-effectiveness. The 6 pads varying in grit make it possible for you to rearrange your work on different materials, giving a space for you to save time and labor without hurting the outcomes. For example, while you need to go through the entire 6-step process when polishing granite, the softer ones like quartz may only require 5 steps; and best of all, marble can usually be polished in just 3 to 4 steps. 

Technical stuff

  • 4”/100mm diameter;
  • 3mm thickness;
  • RPM no more than 4000;
  • Use wet only;