Raizi 5,6 inch Fine Teeth Turbo Diamond Saw Blade for Granite and Concrete

Sale price$31.60

Size: 5"/125mm
thickness: 2.2mm
  • Raizi fine teeth turbo diamond saw blade is perfect for fast cutting on hard stones like granite, concrete and sandstone.
  • The size of 5"/125mm and 6"/150mm is available, and the rim height is 10mm. And the arbor id 7/8"-5/8".
  • Its premium diamond particles embedded in the turbo rims allow the blade to bite deep and fast in hard materials without excessive chippings.
  • The blade has plenty of cooling holes in the body to reduce the heat generated during processing. Those holes together with the reinforced blade core serve as a guarantee of a longer life of the blade.
  • Both wet and dry applications are available.