Raizi New Version 45 degree Cutting Machine Large Format Tile Procelain Cutting System

Sale price$1,999.00

Machine: Machine
Size: +2 Rails
Voltage: 110v

Warranty: 6 months warranty.

( Please feel free to contact us due to damage during transportation and non-human damage, we will solve it for you immediately. Even if the warranty period is exceeded, we will provide perfect after-sales service.)

It is a great choice of stone granite fabricators or tile installers whether you work in the fabrication workshop or do the processing on the spot. One rail guide is 1.44m long per rail. 2 rail guides are 2.88m.

Voltage: 220/110V Raizi portable 45 degree miter cutting saw machine with rail guide can offer a versatile 45 degree mitered cutting or 90 degree vertical cutting on large format porcelain tile, porcelain ceramic tile, granite, marble and engineered stone.
You can use maximum 5 inch/125mm diamond saw cutting blade.
It is engineered with 1 powerful 2200W motor which can bring more power than normal stone cutter, 13000 rpm single speed.

Raizi Tool makes this new version portable 45 degree miter cutting saw machine with rail guide for high demand on the market. With proper operation and right choice of diamond cutting blade, you can get a smooth cutting finish with minimum chipping on granite, marble, quartz, engineered stone and large format porcelain tile.

• 2200W powerful single phase motor

• 13000 rpm single speed

• Rail guide length per rail: 1440mm

• Diamond saw blade: 5 inch

• Adjustable vertical cutting depth up to 30mm, 45 degree cutting up to 20mm

• 45 degree mitered cutting or 90 degree vertical cutting

• Built in suction cups to secure frame on top of stone

• GfCI plug ensures safety

Package includes:

1* 5 inch mesh this tile cutting blade.

1* 5 inch granite cutting blade included.

2 rail guide 56.7 inch 1440mm included

2 spanners & 1 allen spanner included

machine size: 41* 25* 38cm

1440mm rail guide*2 : 154* 11* 11cm


Note: Under normal circumstances, it can be delivered within one or two weeks.

And we usually sent in two packages. The guide rail is one package, and the machine is another package.





The advantage of new version cutting machine is that it can be angled at 45 degrees after straight cutting, no need to move the track, no need to adjust the front and back, up and down positions of the saw blade, just quickly adjust the machine angle to 45 degrees to cut diagonally, and With automatic cutting function, the cutting speed can be adjusted steplessly (0-1:2 meters per minute).


Operating steps:

Wear protective gloves,and check the cutting blade free from cracksor damage before starting to use the machine.

1: Press the suction cup down after adjusting the rail distance and parallel with the rail ①

2: Lock the two handles on the head ②③after adjust the machine to the desired angle (45°/90°)

3: Lock the lifting handle⑤ after adjusting the cutting depth④.

4:  Fasten the Fine-tune lock⑦ on both sides after fabricator adjust Fine-tune handle to the desired cutting line⑥

5: Turn on the power switch ⑧ and push at a constant speed until the cutting is finished