Raizi 1 pc EasiSeam Heavy Duty Seam Setter with Grabo Suction Cup

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Type: only EasiSeam Frame

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This heavy-duty grabo lifter model holder is specially designed for larger suction cups like NEMO grabo cups or grabo Pro lifter 20, both of which are best sellers in our store. With these larger suction cups, the seam setter can grip stone surfaces tighter, so that the working performance can also be strengthened. These advanced suction cups are also advantaged by their wonderful performance even on rough stone materials: the supporting seal grants the cup a consistently strong grip both on flat or rough surfaces. The maximum capacity of each cup is 170kg.

A seam setter is a useful device in stone fabrication. It can be used to join two stone slabs together in one piece and level the newly formed surface. It consists of two suction cups, two adjustable ratchets, four fixing bars, four knobs, and a balance slider, which should be assembled together to look like what the picture shows.

The position of the two cups is changeable by manually adjusting the balance slider between them, and the four rotary knobs can help to level the surface. This device makes great use of the two suction cups’ grip, which enables it to hold tight on stone countertops to improve the seam-joining effect. Plus, aluminum bars and ratchets also reduce the device's weight, guaranteeing a long life and high quality of it.

When put into use, all you need to apply some glue on the joining edges of your stone slabs, join them together and then put the device on them. Place the two cups on the two slabs respectively, then turn them on to pump out air and grip tight on the stone surface. Adjust the four side knobs and the slider to make the surface level and tightly joined. After all these steps, all you have to do is wait for the glue to dry.