Raizi 1 Pair of Double Handed Stone Carry Clamp

Sale price$669.00

Raizi Carrying Clamps are great for moving slabs on the job site, at the shop, and for home installation. 

  • Sold in pair
  • Capacity one pair is 200kg
  • Grip range is 5mm-100mm

Raizi Double Handed Carry Clamps, used in pairs, allow you to safely lift and carry panels with a comfortable posture. Our Carry Clamps are made to move glass, stone,  plastics, sheet metal, panels, plywood, and more.  

Clamp design uses the weight of the stone to provide clamping action. Vulcanized rubber lining of the jaws prevent damage to material surface.  By eliminating the use of a forklift truck, the Carry Clamps help users to work more efficiently works. You can use multiple Carry Clamps to move larger slab with ease.