Raizi SINGLO Carry Handle for Grabo Accessories

Sale price$199.00

Type: One-man SINGLO Carry Handle

NOTE: The attachment doesn't include the Grabo electric vacuum suction cup! only the attachment frame

Raizi singlo carry handle is a device added to Grabo lifter in order to save your energy. With this tool, you can lift various heavy stone slabs without repeatedly bending over and straightening up, thus reducing the possibility of hurting your waist. Also, despite the word single in the name, it also allows you to lift heavy things together with others instead of on your own.

The handle can be firmly attached to Grabo lifter by 4 standard metal anchoring points, and has a foot switch that allows getting rid of slabs anytime when stepped down. The two bars are made of aluminum which guarantees the quality and lifetime of the system. The maximum lifting weight can reach 170 kg.

This attachment is suitable for Nemo Grabo, Grabo Pro lifter 20.