Raizi 4 inch Wet Diamond Buff Polishing Pad

Sale price$18.95

Colour: Black

4 inch wet diamond polishing buff pad


Premium Diamond Buff Pad is with better polishing finish to provide excellent polishing results, high glossy mirror finish after #3000. The wet buff pad is newly formulated, new resin bond inside the pads offer shorter working time. You can achieve 95 degrees or above the gloss meter reading,Use with little water to improve the glossy surfaces.


  • Size: 4 inch
  • Color: black, white
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Connection: hook and loop
  • Usage:wet
  • For use on granite and marble only,High glossy surface and wet use only.
  • Black buff for darker color stones and white buff for light color stones.


  • Diamond Polishing Buff can be used for polishing marble, granite, glass and other special-sharp stone of corner. The wet polishing buff pads can work for the polishing process of the curved or polygon surfaces.
  • Premium Wet Polishing Buff is developed for achieving the highest gloss during the final polishing of granite and marble. With this buff pad, you can achieve 95 degrees or above gloss meter reading. Waxing is not needed after this buff pad.