Raizi 8 Inch Vacuum Suction Cup Heavy Duty Lifter For Glass Tile Stone

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Handle Material: ABS

8 Inch Vacuum Suction Cup Heavy Duty Lifter For Glass Tile Stone

Raizi glass vacuum suction cups are designed for lifting and carrying glass, granite, tiles, slabs or other smooth surfaced non-porous material.

The glass lifting suction cup features a flat vacuum pad, a lightweight ABS pump and ABS/metal handle. Rust resistant parts withstand wet conditions associated with stone work.

Single Suction Cup is fitted with a rubber seal, which will not damage contact surface during the lifting action. Hand lift only, this granite suction cups must not be used in conjunction with mechanical lifting equipment.

The suction cup comes with a black plastic carrying box.

  • Size: 8 inch/205 mm
  • Body: Light weight plastic
  • Handle: Metal or ABS
  • 125-500 lb(maximum) horizontal lifting capacity
  • 100 lb maximum vertical lifting capacity


1. Safety: Press the red handle with safety instructions to ensure that the suction cup firmly adsorbed on the plate, not afraid of out board.

2. Ultra fast: pressed three times in a non-absorbing prison leakage smooth surface.

3. Convenient: the touch of the button pump, suction cups can be removed immediately.