Raizi vacuum brazed diamond core bit basin hole saw 9mm hexagon for tiles

Sale price$28.90

Size: 35-55mm
thread: 9mm hexagon
  • Raizi vacuum brazed basin hole saw is made with 9mm hexagon thread for hammer drills.
  • The usable diameter varies from 35mm/40mm/45mm/50mm, and the 45mm-diameter bits have two kinds of adapter size:45mm-60mm and 45mm-65mm; the total height is 75mm, including the usable height of 45mm.
  • The saw is designed to produce holes in ceramic, porcelain and tiles.
  • They are made with premium hard diamond particles that ensure the quality and processing aggressiveness; the vacuum brazing technique also serves as a quality guarantee; the side holes can help to reduce friction heat and elongate the products' life.
  • During drilling, operators should start at a 45-degree angle and then pull back at 90 to increase the efficiency.