Raizi TileGo™ Large Format Tile Installation Dolly with Grabo Lifter

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kit: TileGo system
Equipped with two ergonomic handles and operable by a single person, TileGo™ excels in the installation of large-format tiles, supporting lengths of up to 1.5 meters. For collaborative projects, the tool seamlessly transforms into a large-format tile handling system by assembling two additional handles. This configuration enables users to effortlessly move large-format tiles measuring up to 2.4 meters without the need to disassemble the swivel wheels.

Crafted from a high-strength aluminum alloy, TileGo™ combines durability with a foldable design, resulting in a lightweight, space-saving solution that is easy to store. The unique quick-pin connector design facilitates the swift assembly and removal of Grabo electric suction cups, ensuring a powerful suction grip with an impressive maximum load-bearing capacity of up to 170kg. This feature significantly enhances tile stability during installation.

The ergonomic handles of TileGo™ feature a slider installation design, allowing users to customize the length based on personal preference. This thoughtful design ensures a comfortable and efficient user experience, catering to the individual needs of every user.

TileGo™ incorporates swivel wheels to simplify the transportation of large-format tiles. These wheels provide users with the flexibility to move in any direction with ease, further streamlining the tile-handling process.