Raizi 1 set Stone Seam Setter Kit with 6 inch Silicone Suction Cup

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• Suction cup diameter : 6 inch/150mm.
• Vertical maximum suction:100kg


1. Raizi stone seam setter can be used as a seam joiner, seam leveler, and backsplash holder. It employs an air pump to exhaust air, putting two flat surfaces or seams together.


2. Raizi stone seam setter suction cups are made of white silicone, which can firmly and easily fix the worktable. After tests, it is not easy to wear and has a longer service life than the black rubber suction cup. Rigid plastic packaging box can better protect the seam setter from damage during transportation and is more portable at work.


3. The aluminum alloy rod is intensive and durable. The fastening handle is made of aluminum, which makes it reliable for customers to use.


4. Vacuum suction cups can be used by easily removing the connecting ratchet assembly easily changing in seconds.