Raizi 760*40 mm Pipe Tube Belt Polisher Stainless Sander

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Type: 110V
Bonus Sanding Belt: Pyramid P800

760*40 mm Pipe Tube Belt Polisher/Sander

Raizi pipe polisher machine is used from sanding welds on rounded pipes and surfaces to polishing stainless steel railings or marine tube work. The sanding machine is ideal for burnishing, finishing and reconditioning stainless steel, steel, non-ferrous metals, plastic and wood. It's a high quality unit with variable speed function. 

The wraparound tube sander is ideal for tubes and pipes without the use of water.The sanding arm wraps up to 270° around the radius of the pipe.The arms allow the belt to wrap around the surface to contact 180° of the tube at a time.


  • Rated Voltage: 110V/220V
  • Power: 800W
  • Belt size: 760*40 mm
  • No-Load Speed: 900-2800 rpm
  • Belt Speed: 6 level speed adjustable
  • Maximum pipe diameter : 180mm
  • Belt speed : 2.7-8.5m/s

Package Included:

1 Pc Sanding Machine and 3 Pcs 3M Sanding Belt

    NOTE : All of the 760*40 mm sanding belts can be used on this machine. You can try our 3M stainless steel belt sanding belts.