Raizi Professional Demolition Carbide Fire Rescue Saw Blade for Stone Iron Steel All purpose

Sale price$49.90

Size: 5 inch (125mm)

raizi premium grade demolition carbide fire rescue saw blade is the best solution for fire rescue, able to cut through all kinds of materials you can imagine with its aggressive carbide-clustered segments. It is qualified to tackle any challenging tasks with high efficiency, and the specially designed center can also reduce the noise when processing.

Equipped with a silent center, the blade can reduce the noise of processing and protect workers' ears, or at least to some extent. It is nearly indestructible, providing consistent, stable and reliable performance on any kind of materials.

Features & Benefits

  • Fits on cut-off saws & angle grinders, it is like a chainsaw with an Indestructible chain
  • Cuts everything but unlike a chainsaw Chain doesn’t get damaged or blunt
  • Is nearly indestructible
  • When removing roots, cuts into the soil or sand but doesn’t damage the blade
  • Cutting roofing felt with grit is no problem
  • When renewing flat roofs, board cutting through the felt, chippings and even nails is not a problem
  • Noise reduced
  • Ultra stable and reliable
  • The must-have tool for roofers and landscapers