Raizi Large Format Tiles Lifter Handling System 1.9m-3.6m for Rough and Smooth Surfaces

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Material: Upgraged version (Raizi CarriX)

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Raizi Large Format Tile Handling System is designed for handling and positioning large porcelain tiles and slabs. The capacity of large format tile lifter is 500kg, available for most 300*150cm large slabs.

• CarriX™ is designed for the handling of large format tiles. It can be equipped with:
8-inch no-bleeding manual suction cups (included)
8-inch electric suction cups Grabo OTTOVAC (optional)
Heavy duty electric suction cups Grabo Pro-lifter 20 (optional)
Please note that Nemo Grabo (Classic) cannot be fitted because it is not compatible with the Suction Cup Holder.
• When paired with 8-inch no-bleeding manual suction cups, it provides a cost-effective solution while preventing any marks on the surface.
• When fitted with Grabo electric suction cups, it ensures robust adhesion on smooth or textured surfaces. Each Grabo OTTOVAC can handle a
maximum vertical lifting capacity of 150 kg, while the Grabo Pro-lifter 20 supports up to 170 kg vertically.
• The robust and smooth telescoping mechanism prevents deformation and jamming.
• It features a rapid-fastening design, allowing swift adjustment of aluminum rails, crossbeams, and handle positions

The latest generation slabs for floor and wall installation are becoming bigger and heavier.

As the newest tool, the raizi large formate tile handling system is easy to handle. Ten pcs 6" vacuum suction cup design makes the tiling work more stable.


Upgraded Version (CarriX™)

Two adjustable rails (Adjustable Length: 190-360 cm)

Two 160cm Cross Bar, Four rigid handles

8 pcs 8-inch no-bleeding manual suction cups 

Basic Version

Two adjustable rails, Adjustable Length: 190-360 cm, 160cm Cross Bar, Four rigid handles

Capacity: 500kg

12 pcs 6"/150 mm Vacuum Suction Cup With Covers


The carrying system is an innovative stiffening device that protects finished stone pieces from breakage during lifting, transport and installation. The product is an ideal solution to strengthen countertops and backsplashes, especially fragile stone pieces.

The stiffening rail is very strong, yet light-weight,and features a convenient sliding channel for customer placement of each clamp. Large format tile and slab can be applied in the shop and left on the countertop all the way to and through the install and handling.