Raizi Large Format Tile Cutting Work Table 180cm*140cm*70cm

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Quantity: 180*140*70cm

Capacity: 250kg

*Aluminum workbench for preparing large format tiles complete with 6 single aluminum bars and brackets to be able to join another bench to

extend the length to 3.6m

*Lightweight and robust aluminum frame and adjustable bars for creating larger voids for safe cutting.

*Legs fold under the table for easy transportation or can be disassembled within a few minutes.

*Demountable and modular workbench, particularly suitable as a support for working slabs and ceramic tiles.

*Thanks to its lightweight and robust aluminum structure, it guarantees excellent support for large-format tiles.

*For easy transport, it is sufficient to bend the legs, minimize the overall dimensions, or you can completely disassemble the bench in a few


*At the workbench, you can easily attach various equipment, such as the Slim system tile cutter.

*Among the features of this workbench there are stability, practicality, easiness to carry and, of course, modularity