Raizi EasiSeam™ Mini Seam Setter With Grabo Suction Cup for Countertop leavling joining

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Kit: Easiseam-frame mini
•EasiSeam™ mini is designed for the efficient joining, leveling and seaming of large pieces made from diverse materials, including granite, marble, porcelain tile, glass, and more. Utilizing the fine-tuning of the roller and the 2 leveling rubber-capped screws ensures a seamless and flawless finish for your projects.
• It's compatible with various versions of Grabo electric suction cups, including Nemo Grabo Classic with Pressure Gauge and Grabo Pro-Lifter 20.
• The quick-pin connector design allows for swift assembly of the Grabo electric suction
cups, making EasiSeam™ mini convenient and ready for use with minimal time and effort.
• Compared to manual suction cups, the Grabo electric suction cup maintains consistent and robust suction throughout the entire operation, eliminating concerns about pressure leakage.
• Compared to EasiSeam™ , it has a smaller volume. It adopts a new frame design, making leveling during operation faster and more stable.

Note: for bulk orders, price can be negotiated