Raizi Diamond Hole Saw Tile Drill Bit With 9 mm Hex Shank

Sale price$17.00

Diameter: 1/4inch(6mm)

Raizi Diamond Hole Saw Tile Drill Bit

Raizi Diamond Hole Saw Tile Drill Bit has comparable quality with RUBI, but extremly cheaper price. As a magic diamond tool for DIY working, the vacuum brazed tile drill bits is designed for ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and other material such as marble, granite and concrete.

These vacuum brazed tile drill bits with 9 mm hex shank connection are ideal for any battery powered drills. which comes with bister package and bister kit.

In order to increase the resistance to temperature and friction, vacuum brazed technology is applied to these diamond tile drill bits. Wax inside the drill bit features cooling it during use the tile drill bit.


  • 9 mm Hex Shank connection
  • Dry Work Only
  • Average Life: 10-20 holes
  • Minimum Work Speed: 2600 rpm
  • Diamond Height: 8 mm
  • Machine: Power Drills
  • Application:ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble, granite and concrete
  • Bister Package


The average life of the tile drill bit depend on the type of material, thickness, proper cooling and user.

Confirm the suitable rotation speed and perform a slight orbital movement while drilling

Before futher drilling, we must ensure that the drilling bit is clean and free of any obstruction.