Raizi Crack Chaser Diamond Saw Blade Dia 4/4.5/5/7 Inch for Concrete Stone And Granite

Sale price$43.00

Size: 4"/105mm
Thickness: 1/4"/6mm
  • Raizi crack chaser diamond saw blade is designed for widening or repairing cracks on concrete floors and is also ideal for general cutting applications on blocks, bricks and granite stones.
  • Its size varies from 4"/102mm, 4.5"/115mm, 5"/125mm to 7"/180mm, and the thickness is 6mm. The arbor is 7/8"-5/8" or 22.3mm, and both wet and dry applications are available for it.
  • The high-quality industrial diamond laid in an aligned array within the angled rims adds to its aggressiveness during processing, and the steel core made with advanced technique stands as a guarantee of superior quality and excellent performance. 
  • The segment slots enabling the blade to cool down while cutting can help to extend its working duration.