Raizi 1 Pair 90 Degree Seam Setter Waterfall Edge Seamer Manual

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Raizi 90 Degree Granite Seam Setter is designed to make two workpieces at bevel 45 degree to be a 90 degree angle for various material like quartz, natural stone or other similar stone material

This manual stealth seamer is widely used for kitchen island and bar counter.


  •   Consistently create high-quality, expertly aligned perpendicular seams
  •   Ideal for mitered aprons, butt-joints, compound corners, and inside corners
  •   Proprietary, non-marking vacuum cups won’t stain surfaces
  •   Counter-pressure leveler overcomes lower outswing of vertical pieces
  •   Easy to read indicators to monitor vacuum pressure at a glance
  •   Cups can be re-pumped without loss of remaining pressure