Raizi 5"/6" Double Blade Cutting Dust Shroud for Angle Grinder

Sale price$44.99

Style: cutting dust shroud
  • Dust extraction - reduces clean-up time and provides clean, safer air for user. Captures up to 95% of airborne dust
  • Single Screw Depth Adjustments - Quickly adjusts and maintains desired depth of cut.Maximum cutting depth:28mm,Maximum cutting width 30mm
  • No adapter need - Easy Compatible with vacuums.Vacuum Dust Extractor is compatible with standard hose size from 26mm to 39mm(1-1/8In.;1-1/4In.;1-1/2In.;1-3/8In.), accommodates 64mm(2-1/2In.), by removing rubber band
  • Toolless installation - Quite compatible with 5-Inch angle grinders 
  • Recommended for use with high power angle grinder.