Raizi 4.5 inch Diamond Flap Sanding Disc for Marble Granite Stone and Metal

Sale price$59.90

Diameter: 4.5 inch / 115mm
Grit: #60
Hole Size: 22.23mm

Our innovative Raizi Diamond Flap Disc Wheel features a powerful combination of metal bonded diamond flaps and silicon carbide flaps, resulting in unparalleled material removal speed and a soft, smooth finish. Crafted to perfection, this versatile tool is ideal for sanding a wide range of materials, including (natural) stone, plastic, glass, and metal.

Designed with a focus on material removal and deburring, our diamond flap discs are excellent for chamfering and bevelling tasks, making them a perfect choice for both edge and surface grinding. Experience a seamless and even grind with added protection for operators, while enjoying significantly reduced hand and arm vibrations compared to traditional cup wheels.

Furthermore, our Raizi Diamond Flap Disc Wheel is the go-to tool for grinding thick laminated glass edges, providing high stock removal even at low pressure. The multi-layers of cloth continuously resharpen, guaranteeing a fast cut, extended lifetime, and a flawless, clean finish that exceeds expectations.

Prior to polishing your materials, consider pre-shaping them with our diamond flap discs, effortlessly creating bevels or rounded edges. This product's exceptional versatility ensures it's a must-have for various projects.

Discover the difference with Raizi Diamond Flap Disc Wheel - your ultimate choice for superior performance and exceptional results. Shop now and unlock the true potential of your sanding tasks!