Raizi D350*40T Silent Diamond Milling Calibrating Wheel

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Raizi 14inch Diamond Silent core milling Wheel Segment Wide 40mm Grinding Granite Marble and Concrete

Raizi teflon silent Diamond Milling Calibrating Wheel is more silent than our steel core milling wheels. They are used to mill or calibrate granite and engineered stone slabs aggressively. It can also level the concrete saw beds table.


  • Teflon Silent Core
  • Aggressive diamond segments
  • 60/50 arbor
  • Wet Use Only
  • Outer Diameters: 350mm, Hole Diameter:50/60mm
  • Reduce noise efficiently
  • High Performance Diamonds for Maximum Longevity.
  • Unique design enables slurry to escape easily keeping the slanted segments cutting freely.
  • Aggressively Mill Granite and Natural Stone Slabs and Levels Concrete Table