Raizi Vacuum Brazed Diamond Hand Profiler Wheels-Bevel Edge

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Size: 3/16 inch (E5)
Connection: 5/8-11 (USA)

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Hand Profiler Wheels-Bevel Edge

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With Raizi Hand Profilers, an operator with little or no fabrication skills can easily create a perfect edge profile of Ogee, Bullnose, Bevel or Roundovers. The Raizi Profilers may be used on the materials as follows: Granite, Engineered Stone, Porcelain, Marble and Limestone. Can be used on concrete also.


  • Type: E5, E10, E13, E20
  • Thread: M 14; 5/8"-11
  • Usage: dry or wet
  • Application: Granite,Quartz/Engineered Stone, Concrete, Porcelain


    • It is designed for angle grinders.
    • Used wet or dry.
    • Cut fast and long lasting with internal water feed.