Raizi 1 Set 2 Pieces Stone Seam Setter with Plastic Case

Sale price$229.00

Material: Rubber Suction Cup
Ship From: China

Stone Seam Setter with Case

Raizi stone seam setter kit includes 2 pieces stone seam setter and 1 piece case. Seam setter kit makes the engineered job easily and conveniently. Protecting your seam setter during stone workshop working, it is convenient to carry.

90 degree seam setter

90 degree seam setter raizi

The seam setter in pair with two 6 inch suction cup is designed for leveling and joining 2 pieces of slabs. Perfect for kitchen countertop fabrication or relevant granite, marble and engineered stone job.


Case is designed to prevent seam setter to be demaged by your happened fall down stone.  So put it any where in your stone fabrication work shop.


Size: 450*155*120mm

Total length: 450mm

Suction disc diameter: 6"/150mm

Package includes:

2* 6-inch seam setter

1* Carry box

90 degree seam setter for granite