Raizi CarriX™ Telescopic Large Format Tile Carrying System

Sale price$519.00

KIT: 1.3-2.4m CarriX™ with 8 inch suction cup (4 pcs)

• CarriX™ is designed for the handling of large format tiles. It can be equipped with:

① 8-inch no-bleeding manual suction cups (included)

② 8-inch electric suction cups Grabo OTTOVAC (optional)

③ Heavy duty electric suction cups Grabo Pro-lifter 20 (optional)

Please note that Nemo Grabo (Classic) cannot be fitted because it is not compatible with the Suction Cup Holder.

• When paired with 8-inch no-bleeding manual suction cups, it provides a cost-effective solution while preventing any marks on the surface.

• When fitted with Grabo electric suction cups, it ensures robust adhesion on smooth or textured surfaces. Each Grabo OTTOVAC can handle a maximum vertical lifting capacity of 150 kg, while the Grabo Pro-lifter 20 supports up to 170 kg vertically.

• The robust and smooth telescoping mechanism prevents deformation and jamming.

• It features a rapid-fastening design, allowing swift adjustment of aluminum rails, crossbeams, and handle positions.