Raizi Diamond Hand Profiler

Raizi Diamond Hand Profiler

After the stone countertop is installed, the edge of the countertop needs to be polished and shaped for safety, beauty or practical use. In this case, Diamond hand profiler wheel is needed.It’s an efficient and quick tool to create professional finished stone slab edge profile shape faster.


Vacuum Brazed Diamond - Precise & Faster Cuts, Durable.

Diamond is the hardest material on the Earth and is the best abrasive. It cuts the stone and concrete the best, quickly and efficiently. So we chose diamond as the raw material to achieve the best grinding effect


This tool can achieve rapid and accurate shaping, durable and wear-resistant, and it is not easy to collapse during the grinding and shaping process, which improves work efficiency and reduces costs.


There are a variety of shapes and sizes of diamond hand profiler wheel. Choose the suitable diamond hand profiler wheel according to the shape of the finished stone slab edge and the thickness of the stone. Available in the following shapes and sizes :

  • Demi bullnose
  • Full Bullnose
  • Bevel
  • Ogee
  • 90 degree

The top guide slides on stone surface and is made of Nylon Material to ensure the surface is not scratched while edge creation.In addition,The top Guide to Control and Aid Wheel Straight line Movement Glides on Stone Surface to Control Unwanted Vertical and Horizontal Movement


The profile wheel has Internal Water Feed Hole, it starts through the arbor and ends into the cutting diamond. With a wet polisher, it feeds controlled water direct from the standard water hose.The existence of the Internal Water Feed Hole is to ensure that the surface of the stone remains wet and cool during wet grinding to prevent the stone from overheating and damaging the slab. On the other hand, it is also to absorb dust to achieve a dust-free working environment.


The profile wheel has 5/8" -11 and M14 female Thread arbor for quick and easy connect and release from Wet Polisher and Low-Speed Grinders.


Diamond hand profiler wheel could works with or without water,but the Wheel last longer when used with water


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