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Raizi large-format tools, as you can tell from the name, are used for dealing with large format stones. This category mainly includes tile slab cutters, installation tools and material handling tools. In this essay, I will introduce each of the three kinds of tools.

1: Tile slab cutter machine

This kind of machine is designed to cut big slabs of tile, ceramic and porcelain. Either manual or self-propelled, they are both capable of ripping and slicing the slabs in a perfectly straight line under the guidance of steel rails.

Take our manual tile cutter machine as an example. When processing, yo

u need to use its linear ball bearing slide to leave a score on your stone exactly as you want, which can be changed by adjusting the steel rails, and then one simple snap with the grip handle will do to take the slice off. The whole procedure is both professional and conveniently easy, with all the optimal fare parts helping to increase either the smooth cutting or the stability of processing.


2: installation tools

This category is used for joining or fixing stone countertops with safety and stability, either to make an integrated and level connection or a 90-degree one. To the end, we have miter clamps, edge leveling tools and sink hole edge savers. Here I will give more details about seam setters with our 6-inch granite setter as an example.


The seam setter consists of two premium rubber or silicon suction cups and two ratchets: the former grips the separate stone pieces firmly by pumping out air and the latter helps to connect them together, and both the two are removable. It is the best solution for joining and leveling your stone slabs without hurting them.


3:lifting tools

Lifting tools are instrumental in safely unloading and carrying away heavy-duty stone materials, mainly including electric suction cup lifters, rubber-clamp slab lifters, transporting carts, self-locking trolleys, portable aluminum ramps and cross-barred carrying systems.

Today, I’m going to show you the rubber-clamp slab lifter. For lifting and moving slab-form loads with different color, the clamps have both white and black rubber to deal with light and dark ones respectively. Besides, the resilient and textured rubber also spares the slabs from slipping off or leaving marks on them.


4:transport tools

To safely transport the large format tile slabs, we have solutions like this: Raizi Large format tile slab carrying system. Consisting of adjustable rails and fixing suction cups, it can help to lift different-sized slabs with a firm grip; together with the rails, the cross bars, on which there are rigid handles to hold, help to form a steel “grid” that balances the slab perfectly while carrying, and you grasp the handle with your colleagues to take it wherever you want. If you have a Raizi Large Format Tile Trolley, another handy carrying device for transporting tile slabs, your work will be even further easier.


That’s all for today. These tools for big ones can bring you great convenience during your job. Hope it is useful~

Remember us Raizi: Good tool, easy work.

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