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Know More About Core Drill Bits Through One Article

Know More About Core Drill Bits Through One Article

Core drill bits are a kind of special tool to make holes on your countertop. They are not as varied in category and usage as diamond cutting discs, but also deserve your attention to choose the most suitable one. Raizi Tool has all its core drill bits made with high-quality diamond particles and the most advanced techniques, both of which ensure the aggressiveness and fast speed in drilling and coring on different materials. We will give you a brief introduction to the following four categories:

  1. drill bits for tiles, ceramics and porcelains;
  2. drill bits for dry use only;
  3. drill bits for wet use only;
  4. drill bits for CNC machines; 

Part 1 drill bits for tiles, ceramics and porcelains

Raizi Tool’s tile drill bits are made with the advanced vacuum brazing technique, with high-quality diamond particles within the continuous rims to offer smooth and chip-free drilling on tiles, ceramics and porcelains. There are two types used on either angle grinders or hammer drills, and  the former also has three different kinds of connections.

 1. Angle grinder adapted bits

It requires your attention to your angle grinder’s thread since it varies with regions: M14 thread for Europe areas and 5/8”-11 for the US. It would add to unnecessary procedures of returning and re-sending as well as your headache in the aftermath of buying the wrong threaded bits. The kind are available from 5mm/0.2” to 125mm/5” in diameter, perfect to meet your demands for various sizes of holes on your countertop.

2. Bosch angle grinder adapted bits

This kind of bit is designed with an X-lock adapter to fit the special grinder, and is only available in the size of 35mm diameter. To be specific with the process to improve the efficiency, you are suggested to start drilling by placing the bit at a 45-degree angle on your material surface, and return it to the 90 once a preliminary hole is made. And the rest of the drilling should be done in a continuously swirling motion.


3. Hammer drill adapted bits

Different from the first kind of bits up above in only adapters, it is equipped with the thread of 9mm hexagon fitting the hammer drill. Other than this, they are totally alike in having aggressive rims and side holes to improve drilling performance and elongate the lifespan. This kind of bit is available from 20mm/0.8” to 70mm/3” in size.





Part 2 drill bits for dry use only

Perfect solution for obtaining clean and smooth holes on hard materials, especially when water engagement is not permitted. The laser welded segments with array-layered diamond particles embedded both in and outside of the barrel ensure the aggressive, smooth and chip-free drilling at a high speed, and the vacuum brazed side protection which is designed for further grinding the hole edges also helps to improve the efficiency and the quality of processing. This kind of bit will always manage to offer the most satisfactory drilling and coring on different materials, and their longer life and persistent performance is another attraction for our customers. They vary in size from 32mm- to 50mm-diameter (1-1/4” to 2”), available in two threads of M14 and 5/8”-11.




Part 3 drill bits for wet use only

This kind of bit is only recommended for wet use, otherwise both its life and drilling performance will be seriously harmed. The continuous rims are inserted with hard and premium diamond particles, perfectly suitable for high-speed drilling and coring on marble, ceramic, porcelain, dekton and other hard, ultra-compact surfaces. The size varies from 32mm/1-1/4” to 50mm/2”, and both M14 and 5/8”-11 threads are available.




Part 4 Drill bits for CNC machines

Raizi CNC diamond core bits, or thin wall CNC diamond core bits, are better suitable for drilling on porcelains, tiles and dekton stones. The thin wall design with hard diamond particles along with the extra soft bond within grants them the ability to make smooth and clean holes or grooves on your countertops at a fast speed. They are available in three kinds of threads: 1/2” Gas for CNC machines, M14 for regular small drillers, and both of them on a double screw. The bit is 3” in length, with 10mm/3/8” of blade height; the size varies from 5mm/3/16” to 50mm/2” in diameter. And they are recommended for wet use only.




OK, that’s all I have for you about drill core bits, and I hope it would be helpful. Don’t forget our slogan: Raizi Tool--Good tools, easy work!

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