Raizi Puppy™ Professional 48/64/72 inch Manual Tile Cutter with Laser Position

Sale price$580.00

Size: 48 inch (1200mm)
Max. Cutting depth: 18mm
  • Cutter doesn't include the battery, the battery model is 18650 lithium battery.
  • for parallel & angled cuts
  • die casting cutting assembly with ball bearing
  • sliding ball support large tile moving
  • stopping rod support mass tile cutting
  • max cutting depth: 18mm
  • Size: 48inch(1200mm), 64inch(1600mm), 72inch(1800mm)
  • ball bearing scoring : YG6X,φ22*φ6*6MM
  • Features

  • 1. High-precision industrial professional push knife, precise cutting, strong segmentation, and flush cut

  • 2. Six core advantages: laser positioning, rapid cutting, flat brick mouth, thickened chassis, easy to carry, magnet design

  • 3. Accurate laser positioning, auxiliary cutting and rejection of deviation

  • 4. Magnet adsorption, one-hand operation. Push the handle straight back, the magnet can be absorbed, and raise the handle to put down the magnet.

  • 5. Movable industrial grade precision industrial ruler. Aluminum alloy I-shaped ruler, high-precision positioning, left and right installable

  • 6. High hardness alloy cutter head, free cutting. Alloy cutter head, the cut is flat and tidy, without burr

  • 7. Upgrade the triangle. When cutting triangular shapes, effectively fix the tiles

  • 8. Thicken the chassis. Integrated rack, more convenient and stable. Measure/cut/cut, complete at one go

  • 9. It can be folded freely and carried easily. One-piece design does not take up space, and the roller design is more convenient and easy

  • 10. Suitable for cutting multiple ceramic tile materials.