Raizi Large Format Tile Handling Lifter Tools 1.3m-2.4m

Sale price$879.00

Style: with cross bar

Raizi Large Format Tile Handling Lifter Tools

The last generation slabs for floor and wall installation are becoming bigger and heavier.

How to lifting and handling the big and heavy slab?

Raizi Large Format Porcelain Tile Tools with Eight 6" Vacuum Suction Cup is designed for handling huge poecelain tile slab. The capacity of large formate tile lifter is 700kg, available for most of large slabs.

As the newest tools, the raizi large formate tile handling system is easy to handle.


Two adjustable rails

Adjustable Length: 130-240 cm

Capacity: 700kg

Eight 6"/150 mm Vacuum Silicone Suction Cup With Covers

Four rigid handles