Raizi Bevelo™ 45 degree Tile Chamfer Cutter with Automatic Water Supply

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Raizi Bevelo™ tile chamfer cutter is designed for precision tile chamfering. This product is engineered with a host of features to make your tile-cutting experience smooth, efficient, and accurate. 

1. Power and Speed:
With a powerful 1,200w motor capable of reaching an impressive 13,000 RPM, Raizi Bevelo™ Tile Chamfer Cutter ensures swift and efficient cutting. Whether you're working on large-scale tiling projects or intricate designs, this tool can handle it with ease.

2. Enhanced Stability:
One common frustration with tile cutters is the tendency to shift during use. Raizi Bevelo™ is designed to eliminate this problem. Once fixed in place, it maintains a rock-solid position, allowing you to make precise cuts without any unexpected movements.

3. Lengthened and Widened Base Plate:
Achieving precise chamfering is essential for a professional finish. Bevelo™ features a lengthened and widened bottom plate, providing a stable platform for your tiles. This added support ensures that your chamfer cuts are consistent and precise, regardless of the tile size or thickness.

4. High-Strength Aluminum Profile:
The base plate of the Raizi Bevelo™ is constructed from high-quality aluminum profiles. This material is renowned for its high strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring the cutter is both durable and lightweight. This makes it easy to carry to job sites without sacrificing performance or longevity.

5. Versatile Cutting Capability:
Bevelo™ can handle a wide range of tile sizes. It excels at chamfering tiles with a cut size of up to 1.8m(6ft), making it suitable for various projects, from small bathroom tiles to larger floor tiles. 

In summary, the Raizi Bevelo™ 45 Degree Tile Chamfer Cutter is a high-performance tool that combines power, stability, precision, and versatility. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this tool will elevate your tile-cutting experience, ensuring that your tile-cutting and installations are not only visually stunning but also flawlessly finished. 

Package Included:

1. A chamfer cutter with aluminum base plate

2. Water pump

3. 4.5in/116mm tile cutting blade (20mm hole size)

4. 2.2m water pipe


(1)Aluminum base plate 


(3)Shaft Holder   

(4)dust guard


(6)Stainless Steel Slide Rail  

(7)POM Slide Rail   

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