Raizi 7" 180 mm T Segment Concrete Grinding Wheel For Angle Grinder

Sale price$64.00

Bond: Medium
Thread: 5/8"-11
Grit: #30

Raizi 7" 180 mm T Segment Concrete Grinding Wheel For Angle Grinder

Raizi 7" 180 mm diamond grinding cup wheel is designed for concrete grinding, especial for  floor edge and corner area.  T-shaped segments give the cup wheel maximum cutting performance and superior grinding life. 

5, 7 inch concrete grinding cup wheels fit on hand angle grinder, where floor grinder can not reach.

Raizi offer concrete cup wheel with customized segment, such as Arrow, Radial, Fan, Double row, L, T, C and so on.


    • Size: 7"/180 mm
    • Thread: M 14, 5/8"-11
    • Grit: #16, #30, #50/60, #100/120
    • Bond: Soft, Medium, Hard