Raizi PCD Grinding Disc, Scraper, Plate For Concrete Floor

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Default Title: PCD

PCD Grinding Disc

Raizi PCD diamond scraper inserts are designed for use on floor grinding machines or floor grinders. Shapes include Half-round, Quarter-round, Cylinder, Diamond segment, ect. It is followed with 30 grit metal bond diamond segment usually.

Raizi PCD scraper is the best choice for fast removal of heavy epoxy, coatings, mastic, glues or even  fast stock removal of concrete. It is made from the highest quality poly crystalline diamonds.


  • The 2 quarter round PCD is an excellent choice when removing medium/heavy coatings.  
  • These PCD's are directional specific and come in clockwise and counterclockwise orientation.


  • Very aggressive for heavy and fast coating removal, strong grinding force.
  • Cost performance with long lifespan.
  • Tightly holds the floor even on rough concrete.
  • High efficiency.
  • Not easy collapse edge.