Raizi Granite Slab lifter | Stone Lifting Clamp

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Size: 15~50mm(black)(5/8 - 2)inch

Stone Lifting Clamp


The stone slab lifter is designed for lifting and moving slab-form loads. Lifting clamp with black rubber can be used to lift black stone, not for white stone to avoid staining, and lifting clamp with white rubber can be used to lift black and white stone.It integrates the proven "Clamping Principle" that protects slabs from undesirable slipping, snapping, cracking or breaking circumstances.

Grip range(mm):
  • 5 cm(black):15-50 mm
  • 5 cm(white):10-50 mm





Stone-Lifting-ClampStone-Lifting-Clamp Stone-Lifting-Clamp   

 Stone-Lifting-Clamp  Stone-Lifting-Clamp Stone-Lifting-Clamp